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los angeles personal stylist

Hi!  My name is Emily and I became a personal stylist in Los Angeles to help women love what they wear. We all know it's what is in the inside that matters, but what's on the outside is not insignificant. When we look our best, we feel great and everyone around us notices.


As women, many times when we feel blah or bored with our look, we "buy more."  This can be helpful, but I find that most women have a lot of great pieces in their closet that they don't know how to wear.  My favorite moment during the styling process is putting together looks from items that already exist in a woman's closet and hearing her say, "I love this!  And I never would have thought about wearing this together!"


Maybe you enjoy style but don't have the time to shop and are bored with your current looks. Or maybe you hate shopping or hate everything to do with picking out what to wear in the morning. Regardless of where you are today, I can get you from where you are to feeling excited about what you will wear each morning.


I realize that hiring a stylist is a risk, but I would be honored to have you take that journey with me.  Personal styling is a gift you give yourself, and I would love to work with you!  Let's bring out your inner babe!!


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