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Boyfriend jeans are a great alternative to skinny jeans. They have been trendy for a few years, and I have talked to women who want to wear them but don't know how and are afraid they will look frumpy if they try them.

For those who are new to what boyfriend jeans are, they are a little (or sometimes a lot) baggy, sit low on the waist, and many times they are worn rolled up at the bottom (as if you borrowed jeans from your boyfriend).

The thing is that you really can wear boyfriend jeans with almost anything. What you want to stay away from is your whole outfit being overly baggy and casual, which can look unflattering and sloppy.

Wear boyfriend jeans with great accessories, feminie details (like heels), and fitted jackets to put together a styled look.

If you want to try the look but really are not into the jeans being overly baggy, check out what some stores are calling girlfriend jeans. These are the same style but less baggy.

Check the outfit sets above for inspiration about how to style boyfriend jeans for you!

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