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(From top left to right) 1. Asos, $45 | 2. Topshop, $33 | 3. Target, $17

4. Asos $30 | 5. Topshop $30

6. Nordstrom $28 | 7. Ascot and Hart $80 | 8. H&M $15

There are so many great hats right now, it's the perfect time to get one if you don't have one already!

It's a nice option to thow one on when you don't want to spend time on your hair or for sun protection when you spend the day outside. Hats add a interest to your look easily. For example, you can pair one with jeans and a t-shirt to instantly add more style. Or pair it with your favorite daytime dress to change it up! For spring and summer look for a lighter material or staw versus thick felt.

Check out the sampling of hats above to find one for you!


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