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Need a refresh on your work wardrobe? Now is a great time to add a few key pieces that will give your work look a boost.

With spring around the corner, the following items will work now and will also transition well into spring.

1. Blazer - Blazers are an important staple in any professional wardrobe. Whether your office dress is more on the professional side or if it is casual, blazers create a flattering, put-together look and are very versatile.

What to wear it with: A blazer like this can be work with almost anything: pants, a skirt, or a dress. If you want a more casual look, push up or roll up the sleeves to 3/4 length. Something like this is also a great versatile piece that you can pair with jeans or cut-off's for stylish weekend wear. This specific blazer from Top Shop is great because it is good quality and provides a great fit and silhouette and it's available in several colors.

2. Classy Tote Bag - Having a bag this size is perfect to take to the office to tote everything you need for the day while still looking stylish and professional.

What to wear it with: If you opt for a color like the one pictured, don't be afraid to wear it with both neutrals and colors. You'll be surprised about how much it goes with.

3. Snake Skin Flats - Patterns like snake skin and leopard are neutrals and will go with anything while adding more interest than solid black.

What to wear them with: As mentioned, this is a neutral, so you can wear it with neutral colors, like all black, or also pair it with colored dresses and tops or even other patterns.

4. Statement Necklace - Accessories easily add interest or make a look that you have worn before look different.

What to wear it with: A statement necklace like this can be worn with a button-down or scoop neck shirt in any color or pattern.

5. Patterned Pencil Skirt - Whether you are curvy or slender, every body type looks great in a pencil skirt and it's also a great look for the office. Getting a fun pattern or color can add interest and personality, or if you're not into color a pencil skirt in a neutral color is a beautiful classic.

What to wear it with: Make sure that your waist is defined by either tucking your shirt in, wearing a contouring sweater, or belting a cardigan. If you don't really have a defined waist, create one by pairing it with a fitted jacket or blazer.

Enjoy planning your next purchase for your work wardrobe, and look out for my next blog post about refreshing your weekend wardrobe.

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