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Where is all of this cool jewelry from? Whether you want to add some current jewelry to your accessories or you are looking for a meaningful customized gift for a friend, read on and check out All the Wire...

Not only is their jewelry really cool by itself, but much of it is customizable so you can get it hand-stamped with something meaninful to you or as a gift for someone else. All the Wire was started by some really cool sisters from Texas. I first found out about All the Wire when some co-workers gave me their "I love you" envelope note necklace for my birthday (pictured above). I loved it so much that I started following them on Instagram (@allthewire) and was an immediate fan of what they make and the feel behind what they do!

Read the interview below with sisters Desiree and Tori from All the Wire to learn more:

1. What got you started in making jewelry?

ATW: We love jewelry, what girl doesn’t? We’ve always played around, creating fun pieces and it was therapeutic for us at times. So, one day we decided to push, let’s take a stab at stamping jewelry…and so we did. Here we are now. Crazy right?

2. What is the inspiration behind your pieces?

ATW: We live in the country so a lot of our inspiration comes from our roots. For example, the men in our life hunt. It’s just part of who they are. We were messing around, drilling an empty bullet shell and right there, our “bite the bullet” was born.

3. What is your favorite part of what you do?

ATW: That’s a hard one! One of our favorite parts of what we do are the stories we get to read from our customers. We love the story behind their personalized pieces. We stamp A LOT of wedding dates, so love is definitely in the air.

4. What is your favorite custom piece that All the Wire has ever done?

ATW: Every done? Way too many goods…We’ve stamped everything from, “Will you marry me?” to “Hot Mess” it’s so hard to choose. Our customers have for sure kept us on our toes with some of their sayings. We get a good laugh, a good cry, a good “awwww” moment. So, we have many favorites!

5. What are your favorite pieces right now?

ATW: Our favorite piece right now is our, “nailed it” bangle. (picture below)

nailed it.jpg

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