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los angeles personal stylist

Need photos for your business, website, social media?


Add on a photo session to any styling package.  If you need pictures, take the stress out of getting your hair, makeup, and clothes just right by working with my amazing team made of a makeup/hair stylist and a photographer.  We'll have you looking your best with quality images for your business, website, social media, etc.  


*Photo shoot includes 1 hour of shooting time for portrait and/or lifestyle photos with 2 outfits.


PHOTO SHOOT WITH STYLING....................................$595

Want a stylist to speak at your gathering/party?


I love speaking about style and can host workshops speaking about maximizing your wardrobe, how to wear hard-to-style pieces, and determining your own personal style.  


If you are interested in a workshop on these topics or something else to fit your needs, contact me for a free phone consultation.

"Normally I would have dismissed an event involving fashion/style. I don’t read fashion magazines, don’t watch runaway shows, don’t have fashion idols and don’t put too much thought in the way I dress or adhere to any particular style and am not interested in doing it. I want my clothing to be comfortable, appropriate for occasion and make me feel good. I was surprised at how interesting and engaging your workshop turned out to be for me personally. I discovered a few things about myself and I got an idea of how to make my closet more workable and easy for me without making it a huge project that demands too much time and dedication. Completely unexpected and definitely worth it!


My biggest takeaway was the idea of cleaning up my closet by realizing what I wear consistently and what hangs as a waste of space and money. I could never get rid of useless clothes because it required making a decision and there would always be arguments to keep it. By letting the process show what clothes go unused for years I don’t feel as compelled to keep something ‘just in case’. It also changed the way I shop and significantly cut the amount of clothes I bought lately."


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